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TeachBeyond Is Not Just for Teachers

Many positions do not require teacher certification.

Biblical Truths Shape Transformational Curriculum

For the Christian educator, be that person a teacher or leader,…

OnPractice: Being the Light in National Schools

How do we go about sharing our faith when we can’t do so overtly?

Research Would Support TeachBeyond’s Vision

The Centre can define, develop, and promote the kind of holistic transformational education that TeachBeyond is seeking to offer.

Towards a More Authentic Integration

See every subject and textbook through the lenses of God’s character and authority.

Desire For Quality Education Opens Doors

"It’s just an astonishing movement of the Holy Spirit around…

Sharing Ideas On Transformational Education

When teachers get together to share ideas, their students benefit.…

Love and Respect Make a Difference

Transformational education is an approach that embraces whole…

Conference Explores Transformation

What is “transformational education”? That question was explored…

Island School Can Transform Town

Starting a new school in Bocachica, Colombia