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English Camps Expand to Central Asia

Training young people to lead English camps in their home countries in Central Europe.

Prepping For English Camps

We are sharing English camp stories, encouraging one another, training to be better teachers, and making plans.

Sharing Christ Through English Classes

What a joy to see this group pull together as a multi-gifted team, willing to give of time and talents to share the love of Christ through language learning throughout the world.
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Carol and Mark Barner: The Philippines

Carol and Mark Barner are teachers from Phoenix, Arizona. As…
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All in the Family: English Camp Moldova!

Who could imagine that this would be the third straight year…
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Camp Updates

Are you praying for the campers and staff involved in our…
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Help needed in Moldova!

HELP NEEDED! Spread the word! We need your help in Moldova! This…
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New Developments in Eurasia

Interview with Nigel S. In the March News from Beyond Diane…