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Hidden Curriculum: Integration Beyond the Content

Transformational education is more than content.

Engaging in Godly Play

10 May 2017 The third grade class, seated in a circle around…

Inhabiting the Christian Story

We teach who we are. As Christians, we should allow the Bible…

Integral Units: Presenting the World as God Created It

Integral units focus on a topic instead of a subject, incorporating different aspects of Creation.

Towards a More Authentic Integration

See every subject and textbook through the lenses of God’s character and authority.

Laying a Firm Foundation

Over the past month, my church has been studying Romans 1:18-2:5.…

Use Questions: Help Your Students Connect God’s World and Word

In previous OnPractice posts, we’ve discussed the importance…

Fostering Imagination

So often in school we focus on the rational, intellectual…

Helping Students Make Biblical Connections

In Christian education, we want our students to connect God’s…

Seeking Truth In the Classroom

As Christian educators, we have a high calling: to not only instruct…