TeachBeyond Is Not Just for Teachers

Many positions do not require teacher certification.

BridgeWay Opening in the Fall

Classes will begin this fall at BridgeWay.

Celebrating cheerful moments of teaching

God's Presence is tangible every day for this teacher in Niger.

Start the Day with a Good Breakfast and Prayer

Preparing a nourishing breakfast for neighborhood kids.

Conversations That Transform Lives

Conversations that transform lives: Hearing their questions is hard. I feel ill-equipped to answer them. But letting them voice these questions is the first step.

2016: Celebrating a Banner Year for TeachBeyond

Continuity and faithfulness were even bigger stories in 2016.

Delights of Boyhood in a BFA Dorm

I love these boys for their strength, their tender kindness, their discipline and creativity, their sense of justice and protectiveness, their courage to grow and to risk being new, their willingness to let others in, and for the layers of their stories that I’m only beginning to touch.

Father to the Fatherless

Nuru attends a church where the Lord’s love of the defenseless and vulnerable is preached.

Prepping For English Camps

We are sharing English camp stories, encouraging one another, training to be better teachers, and making plans.

Research Would Support TeachBeyond’s Vision

The Centre can define, develop, and promote the kind of holistic transformational education that TeachBeyond is seeking to offer.