Meet a Mobilizer

Representing TeachBeyond and working with new candidates has its memorable moments

EFL Campers Learn to Break Free

In Russian, the words “sprout” and “escape” sound the same, so “Jailbreak” was a suitable theme for the English camp in Belarus.

Light and Freedom for Family in Philippines

I told her how great Archee was; how I desired to teach him.

Teacher-Mentor Program Widely Supported

We run a teacher-education program in a South Asian country.

Member Care for Single Women

Member Care mentor focuses on single women

Welcome 104 New Members

TeachBeyond has 104 new members answering their call to serve in transformational education.

Launching EFL in Argentina

They expected about 20 teachers, but 62 attended the workshop

Education for Refugees Deters Radicalization

They have the hours of the day with nothing to fill them, and they are very vulnerable.

School Startup Stretches Faith

We can expect a bumpy ride when we give our lives to God to follow…

The World Beyond the Classroom

I was reminded this world needs our mighty Savior