What Is Mobilization?

By Cindy Lucas
TeachBeyond | Mobilization
TeachBeyond partners with schools, and schools need staff. That is where TeachBeyond Mobilization enters the picture. Mobilization is more than just recruiting. While we do actively advertise, visit colleges and answer online inquiries, our work does not end there. Once we are in contact with an individual who is interested in serving with us, we move to our next role—screening.
(Several mobilizers are pictured above at the New Member Orientation in Wheaton.)
Not everyone who inquires with TeachBeyond believes in the power of the gospel or is qualified to serve overseas. Our job is to follow-up with each inquiry to screen out those who are not believers, or perhaps need a bit more development professionally, spiritually, or personally. To do this, we walk through the application process with them, getting to know them better and connecting with their references. The Candidate Processing Committee makes the final decision, and this decision is often based off of the Mobilization team’s recommendation.
The next step? Preparing the individual to go. This starts with training and equipping them to raise ministry partners to support them through prayer and finances. Candidates are also preparing to move internationally, say a lot of good-byes, and begin living in a place where culture and language will be an adjustment. Our orientation in June addresses all of these topics and more, and our Mobilization team is on hand answering questions, meeting with individuals, and helping lead sessions.
Want to learn more about TeachBeyond? Contact a mobilizer through this email address: serve@dev.teachbeyond.org.