Students Of Any Age Can Serve God

Stephanie Caramete was one of the volunteers at TeachBeyond’s English Camp at Faith Academy in the Philippines this summer. She reports:

We spent a significant amount of time going over the theme of taking risks, but by the end of camp we wanted to make sure the kids were able to apply what they had been learning to their own lives. It was our goal that they would leave camp knowing that God will call them to do hard things, but that He will also enable them as they respond in obedience. We wanted our students to know that their age wouldn’t stop God from using them – that they could be effective workers for Him right NOW!

We were not only blessed by the students’ responses to challenging spiritual matters, we also were blessed by their growing confidence in speaking English and their pre-camp and post-camp assessments. One student jumped 10 points on his reading comprehension. We couldn’t believe it!

“English Only” was a rule that we reinforced in our classroom and the kids did surprisingly well. It was awesome to see them trying so hard and making new friends from different countries. They knew that if they wanted to communicate with one another, English was their common denominator.

Our students had tons of fun together and ended up exchanging phone numbers. I’m praying that they will keep in touch!