Meet a Mobilizer

A Conversation with Heather Brown

Representing TeachBeyond and working with new candidates has its memorable moments. Not long ago Pam Sanderlin talked with Heather Brown, Associate Director of Mobilization and part of a 12-member Mobilization team. 

Pam: Do you spend much time on the road representing TeachBeyond?

Heather: Although many people equate mobilization with being “on the road,” most of our team actually doesn’t travel much, and those of us who do only take a few trips a year. The majority of our contacts come from referrals and web inquiries rather than from campus visits. We spend a lot of time answering questions, checking back with people who have inquired, and walking individuals through the application process.

Pam: What do you enjoy most about being a Mobilizer?

Heather: I absolutely love listening to someone’s story and brainstorming how their skills, experiences, and passions could connect with opportunities to serve with TeachBeyond. People who inquire with TeachBeyond find themselves in a season of uncertainty, wavering between reluctance and enthusiasm. It’s inspiring to have a front-row seat as God calls people into overseas service!

Pam: What is the most difficult thing about your job?

Heather: Trusting God’s provision and waiting on His timing. Unanswered emails, candidate withdrawals, and slow traffic while recruiting can be discouraging, but these are also opportunities to trust that the Lord will move in the hearts of the people who are supposed to join TeachBeyond. My prayer is that I would have eyes to see how He is working and join the Spirit in that work!

Pam: Tell us about a memorable interaction – something you found encouraging.

Heather: One of my spring recruiting trips took me through a city where two of my candidates lived.  Although we had not met in person before, we decided to organize a brunch event together to share TeachBeyond with their friends and other contacts in the area. We didn’t know who would show up on that chilly March morning, but God did! One person who came had already applied to TeachBeyond. Through getting questions answered and hearing stories that day, she received a much-needed confirmation to keep taking steps of faith forward in the process. Fast-forward five months: these three women are now serving at three different schools in three different countries! I love how God used the stories and experiences of two candidates to inspire the third to move forward and go.

Pam: What would you say to a TeachBeyond member who is currently overseas, but considering joining the Mobilization team?

Heather: I love that leaving my overseas placement didn’t mean I had to depart from the mission and vision of TeachBeyond! Joining the Mobilization Team has given me the opportunity to stay connected with what God is doing through transformational education around the world – not only at the school where I taught, but also in over 50 other locations! Recruiting and coaching potential new members is a strategic position with multiplied impact as new members go out and serve in schools around the world.