Welcome 104 New Members

“The call illuminates and transcends life. It was always there: before birth, in early childhood, in self-doubt and Christ-seeking, in sin and repentance, in the ups and downs of life; in the fervent prayers of faithful parents and the stillness of the quivering heart; behind the dreams and beyond the fears; unmovable, unshakable, unbeatable. Quiet as a whisper, unseen, unfelt, but always there, the sustaining note uniting the symphony, bringing coherence, moving it forward patiently, irresistibly, through all the movements, to the climax.”
Howard Dueck, TeachBeyond Latin America director

TeachBeyond has 104 new members answering their call to serve in transformational education. Eighty-four participated in Orientation at Wheaton College in June (pictured above without members going to sensitive access regions). This month, an additional 13 Canadians are attending Orientation in Abbotsford, British Columbia, and seven are having Orientation in the UK.

Heather Brown, one of TeachBeyond’s mobilizers, said this appeared to be our most diverse group of new members for the locations they are serving in as well as their personal and professional experience. Some joined TeachBeyond after serving overseas with other teacher-sending organizations, while many had traveled overseas and been exposed to the culture in which they will be living.

“It brings richness to the team of new members we are sending,” Heather said.

George Durance, president of TeachBeyond, explained the distinctives of transformational education services. “Our commitment as TeachBeyonders is to prayerfully do all we can to help the individual to achieve everything the Designer, Creator, had in mind for them before they were born,” he said. Listen to his talk at this link.

The capstone project for the new members encouraged them to contextualize the concept of “transformational education.” What does it look like for you to be a transformational educator in your classroom, your office, your dorm, your home? After hearing sessions all week, participants synthesized what they had learned and designed tangible products to remind them of their calling as transformational educators. The new members created songs, posters, diagrams, blogs, and artwork. These represented the diversity of their future roles, as well as their unique skills and methods of processing.

“I was so encouraged to watch them reflect, create, and present, knowing that they are ready to embody the mission of TeachBeyond and the calling of the Lord on their lives as they serve Him in various contexts around the world,” Heather said.

New members played TeachBeyond Trivia, hosted by Pam Sanderlin.

An exercise in communication (left) and exercising with Ultimate Frisbee