Teacher-Mentor Program Widely Supported

By Becky Hunsberger
Teacher Education Services | TeachBeyond Global

Teacher Education Services embarked on journey in 2013 to establish a teacher-mentor program for teachers in the remote mountain regions of a South Asian country. (Pictured above are a mentor and teacher.) After three years and six residential conferences, we are celebrating the early fruits of this endeavor. Participating schools now enjoy widespread support from parents, officials, and the local communities in general.

This is extremely significant in developing one of the only Christian activities tolerated in such places.This program, and the growing collaboration between schools brought about by the respected role of the mentors, is raising the profile of Christian schools across the region.

South-Asia-classroomThe impact has not just been limited to individual teachers and classrooms, however. Recently, about 20 head teachers from these schools formed a head-teachers’ forum through which they can support each other by enlarging their vision for impacting communities with the gospel, encouraging each other in their calling and professional development, and equipping each other for the work they have to do.

National leaders are stepping into key roles in the program. While this has always been our goal and desire, it has now become a necessity as the couple who have spent a lifetime faithfully serving in country are stepping back from their ministry so they can enjoy their children and grandchildren in the US. They will continue to support the team and travel out for the residential programs, but their season of living alongside these national teachers and leaders is drawing to a close.

It is exciting to see how the Lord has taken this vision and translated it into a community-changing reality. And the work is not yet finished. Please join us in praying for the continued impact and success of this program. Lift up the national leaders who are currently in place, and those that the Lord will raise up in the future. Pray for the resources needed for this program to continue. Praise God for the teachers enrolled in the program and for those who have graduated from it. Ask that they would be given ears to hear and hearts to understand. And pray for the communities in this region who are being impacted by the presence of these transformed individuals in their midst.