The World Beyond the Classroom

TeachBeyond members never know how the Lord will direct their lives in ministry. Their students are their main focus, but they see the needs of the world beyond the classroom. Danielle Hooper teaches middle school at Sahel Academy in Niamey, Niger, and volunteers in a local orphanage. (She is pictured here with some of her sixth graders.) As she wraps up her first year of teaching overseas, she writes about her last visit to a special little girl.

“I was reminded of how very much this world needs our mighty Savior. He is the One who rides out majestically and victoriously for the cause of truth, meekness and righteousness. {Psalm 45} How thankful I am to know the Defender of the helpless!

“As I kissed my little one’s precious face for the last time and laid her in her crib, her chubby arms reached up to me as she cried and yet I had to turn and walk away, knowing this time I won’t be back for her. I will never be the same after the hours the Lord gave me with this little girl, singing her to sleep, watching her learn to sit up and crawl, playing with leaves, hearing her laugh and holding her close in her favorite position, with her arms and legs wrapped around me. I praise the Lord that she will be adopted and build a new life in France and oh, how I pray that she will come to know and love Jesus Christ. Please pray with me for this precious life that our God knows every step of. My heart is softer and richer because our lives intersected.”

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