Transformational Education In Albania

By Becky Hunsberger
Teacher Education Services

At the beginning of April, TeachBeyond’s Teacher Education Services joined with Transformational Education Albania to present workshops on transformational Christian education in what was the first national Christian teachers’ conference in that country. There were just over 100 teachers and school leaders from schools all over the nation in attendance. Most of these teachers work in public schools, but some have roles in private or church contexts. More teachers were interested in attending, but TEA had to close the conference and turn people away because of lack of space. They were praying for 30 to 50 teachers, and thought that this number would be a miracle!

TEA-National-Conference-PrayerOne of the most exciting things to come out of this conference was to see the vision for Christian schooling that the Lord has put on the hearts of influential church and school leaders in cities around the nation. There is currently only one known evangelical national school registered in Albania. However, we heard over and over how in pockets around the country from Elbasan to Durrës, from Tirana to Shkodër, God has raised up groups of people who long to see a Christian school in their city. The fields are ripe for the harvest and it was inspiring to hear the hearts of these people who have a vision for reaching their nation for Christ through Christian education.

Please be praying that the Lord would go before these school leaders and would help them to find favor in the eyes of the ministry of education as they go through the steps of registering their schools. Pray for their financial, personnel, and practical needs. But most of all, praise the Lord for the movement He has started in Albania and ask that through these schools His name would be proclaimed throughout the region.