Transformation, First Hand

By George Durance
President, TeachBeyond

Two weeks ago I saw an opulent display of food and drink prepared for the pleasure of unseen ancestors and other-world beings. Whatever the culinary and even artistic merit of the feast, one would have to say that to a critical western mind shaped by “enlightened” paganism and cultural arrogance, the culinary extravagance was an unconscionable waste of good food and an expression of intellectual naivete.

But my mind wasn’t running along a critical line when I saw the display. Rather, it left me reflective of the contrasting visions of life and eternity I was seeing in this great country. Just the day before we had spent several hours reviewing transformational educational services in the region, and what we saw left us amazed at the personal and cultural impact that was occurring. Two hours after I took this picture our Global Committee members (a.k.a., board members) were sitting on the edge of their bus seats listening to a personal testimony of a local office worker’s rebirth and the impact it had on her family. It left us praising God for His power to make a person and her family healthy and whole, in Christ. In the space of a few days our Global Committee saw firsthand, dramatic signs of the spiritual forces arrayed against us as well as the liberating, truly enlightening message God’s Spirit graciously communicates to our students through our life and words.

The Global Committee used its few days in Asia to think about the nature of transformational education and our growing service around the world. It is critical that we not only assess growth, but also look carefully at the eternal nature of the change for which we are asking God. Providing good, best practice education is laudable, but we want to be certain we are asking God for more than this: an annual report to the Global Committee keeps us accountable.

In addition to helping us assess and clarify where we are going, the Global Committee sets policy for our global work. Most recently the Global Committee decided the following:

  1. We will continue to study the merits of a legal home address in the United Kingdom for TeachBeyond’s global work.
  2. We will give consideration to expanding the reach of our global office in Horsham to include a couple of regional centers.
  3. We will establish a presidential search committee to create and implement a transition plan over the next couple of years. (I expect to step down from the senior role in a couple years.)
  4. We will activate our Nominating Committee to ensure that new Global Committee members will be appointed in a timely fashion to replace current members who have reached their full term.
  5. We will ask all our national boards to adopt a common policy on sexual purity. Embedded in the policy will be a statement on homosexual practice. The text, which will be reviewed again next year, anticipates national interpretations which affirm the historic biblical position on marriage and sexual purity. This would include an acknowledgement that the Scriptures forbid homosexual practice and therefore TeachBeyond does as well. The full text of the decision will be available once the national boards have been properly briefed.

It is an honor to serve under the authority of our Global Committee and to know that each member, like all of us, longs to see transformation proclaimed everywhere. Let’s rejoice together in the work God is doing through us, while at the same time encourage each other to press on for the prize God is preparing for those who lead others to righteousness (Dan. 12:3).