Helping Interns Find Their Calling

By Janelle Happach
TeachBeyond Communications

Genevieve Masterjohn is the newly-appointed Coordinator of Interns. We learn about her through this Q&A.

Q: Tell us about yourself. You are a new member with TeachBeyond.

Genevieve-MasterjohnA. I live in central Pennsylvania and currently stay home with my four children, ages 10 months to 10 years. Over the last decade I have been involved with students through youth ministry, a group home, tutoring, and teaching. My husband and I have felt an increasing passion for missions, so I appreciate that I am able to be involved in both education and missions by working with TeachBeyond from home.

Q: Coordinator of Interns is a new role at TeachBeyond. Can you tell us what your job encompasses?

A. As part of the Human Resource Department, I communicate with interns as they prepare for their assignments and with the members abroad who are receiving them. Interns are committed to serving from two weeks to three months, and are doing this to add practical experience to their education. To facilitate these internships, I connect with people in different parts of the organization to share information and to find solutions.

Q: What drew you to TeachBeyond versus other ministries?

A. TeachBeyond’s focus on transformational education makes it stand out from other ministries. I knew God was directing me to serve in education as a means of glorifying Him and expanding His Kingdom, so as I learned about TeachBeyond, I felt that my passions were in line with its mission.

Q: How did you come to know Jesus Christ?

A. I was not a follower of Christ until after I graduated from college, so I pursued my entire education without an understanding of how my gifts were designed to fit into God’s larger plan. If I had had a clearer understanding of my purpose, I know I would have made different choices. I experienced success throughout my college career, but struggled to find a job after graduating. Facing failure, I started to seek God. One evening, I began talking to God in my head, and I asked Him if He called me to be a Christian.  He responded, “I have called you!” Immediately, I was filled up with a strong sense of His love for me. The next Sunday I responded to an altar call and began to live my life God’s way.

Q: What do you hope to accomplish through the Internship program?

A. I hope that our internship program offers opportunities for people to explore their callings and it becomes a launching point for people to commit to transformational education full-time. I also desire for schools and organizations to be blessed by the work of the interns so that it is a mutually enriching exchange.