English Camps Expand to Central Asia

“The camp [in 2016] turned TeachBeyond’s eyes towards Central Asia.” This quote is from our friend Parviz, who by faith ran an English Camp in his home country located in Central Asia. We prayed each step of the way – and God provided miraculously: a facility, a local team from his church, a former German English Camp staff person to help volunteers learn about running the camp, curriculum, funds, materials, and 27 campers! This summer Parviz and his team plan for two camps in his country.

We held a training session for 12 students in Moldova covering how to host an English Camp. These amazing young people from four countries where Christians are a minority are eager to go and share the Good News of Jesus Christ in their homelands. As we talked about camp and the impact in the lives of campers, they became more enthusiastic about the potential to use English language learning in their home countries. What a privilege to teach these wonderful young people how to host English Camp. Please pray for staff from North America to join them.