Students Learn to LiveBeyond

Young adults often take a “gap year” between high school and college. In Brazil, LiveBeyond is providing a program of Bible study and ministry experiences that help young people learn more about God and themselves.

livebeyond-logo-smallA ministry of TeachBeyond Brazil, LiveBeyond attracts students interested in studying the Bible and applying their studies through internships. Also, the opportunity to discover who you are is a strength of the program. The slogan below the logo is “Live Beyond the Obvious.”

“During the third year of high school I saw a strong social pressure for entering college right after school,” said 18-year-old Lucca Aurich. “I thought LiveBeyond would be a great transition time between school and the adult world. It provides a solid base in Christ for my life and, in a way, helped me find out a little more about who I am.”

By experiencing a day-to-day routine of study, reading, and practical activities involving churches and other communities, the students discover patience and overcome fears and limits. “Everything that happens during the year makes us grow more than we think we can,” explained Sofia Trevisan. “The experience of leaving the guidance of our parents and family to live with cultures so different from ours makes us grow and discover a lot about ourselves.”

Missionary journeys enable the students to develop a new worldview. “When we visited the CENA mission in a neighborhood known for drug sales, working with addicts was an eye-opener,” Lucca said. “The purpose of the mission is to restore the dignity of the people who are made in the image and likeness of God. The simple act of a gathering people around the table, talking, smiling, crying, and sharing stories brought to mind the image of Jesus sitting at the table with the disciples, and that brings hope.”

LiveBeyond recently celebrated the graduation of the students who entered the course in 2016. Throughout the year, 11 students were hosted at the TeachBeyond Brasil / Janz Team Gramado head office to study content related to the Christian faith. They experienced transformed lives as they got to better know God and themselves. As they set out on their journey through college or jobs, they are better prepared to meet the challenges ahead.