Featured Five: Opportunities #6

Student Tells Classmates About Jesus

Kids are the best evangelists. G. talked a lot about Jesus to his friends and classmates since the beginning of the year. One girl, B., had parents with a Catholic background, and seemed to have an idea about God. As G. persisted in sharing the Truth with her, B. accepted Jesus as her personal savior. G. said, “She used to be a mean girl in the class, but her attitude changed and she is nicer now.” PTL!

Teachers who bring transformational education practices to the classroom can be catalysts for their students’ evangelistic actions. This week several of the positions we are featuring are in countries where conversations between students may be the only way to share the good news of Jesus. Below are five openings for the 2017-18 school year. To browse all of our openings, go to the Opportunity Board on our website.

Primary Teacher

Southeast Asia Bilingual School
Creative Access Country

You can join a well-established, private, national school that is becoming a model of bilingual education in this country. Teachers in the primary grades teach EFL, science, math, music, PE, library, and art to local day and boarding students.

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School Counselor

Kigali International Community School
Kigali, Rwanda

You can help guide the personal, social, and career development of students in this day school serving families in missions, business, government, and development work. More than 25 nationalities are represented.

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Grade 4 Teacher

International Education Services
Creative Access Country

At IES you will have the opportunity to work in one of the largest unreached nations in the 10/40 window, providing a quality education in English to the children of families called to ministry in this country.

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Music Teacher

Asia Community Arts Center
Creative Access Country

This well-established arts school needs teachers for private lessons and music classes. The school offers piano, violin, woodwind, brass, hand bells, and vocal instruction in an English-speaking environment. Its ensemble performances are well received in the community.

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High School English Teacher

Bucharest Christian Academy
Bucharest, Romania

English is a key subject for students who want to attend university in North America. You will be serving around 70 students from 7 nationalities, including missionary and Christian expatriate families as well as business and diplomatic families.

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