Featured Five: Opportunities #3

Imagine being a second-grader entering a new classroom where you don’t speak the language. Your teacher and classmates will be your lifeline this year. They demonstrate love and patience to you as you adjust to a new language and culture, and your life is transformed. This is the story of Andrew (pictured here) and other students at Belize Christian Academy. You can click here to read more about him.

There are opportunities with TeachBeyond for people from various work and education backgrounds. Below are some job openings where teacher certification would not necessarily be required. To browse all of our openings, go to the Opportunity Board on our website.

Elementary Teacher

Belize Christian Academy
Belmopan, Belize

Come join our team at Belize Christian Academy where you will have the opportunity to invest in students from all over the world. We are looking for certified elementary teachers to help develop the minds, bodies, and hearts of our students.
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Preschool Teacher

Ahrensburg Bilingual Kindergarten
Ahrensburg, Germany

We are looking for a qualified, English-speaking Preschool Teacher to serve in a new Christian, bilingual kindergarten starting in April 2017. You will ease young children into organized education, teaching them important concepts that they will encounter when they enter elementary school.
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Secondary English Teacher

Central Asia Academy

At Central Asia Academy, we educate the children of expatriate workers using English-language materials. We encourage the spiritual, intellectual, social, physical, and emotional growth of our students. Our current need is for an English Teacher to teach three to four, core Language Arts courses for grades 6 to 12.
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High School Choir/Choral Teacher

Grace International School
Chiang Mai, Thailand

A dynamic Choir Teacher and Director is needed to lead our school choir and to expand the choir programs starting July 2017. We invite you to be a part of our ministry of educating children of missionaries and discipling them to be followers of Jesus. Your service at GIS will enable their parents to take the gospel to more than 20 countries.
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Senior School Principal

Haven of Peace Academy
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

By serving at Haven of Peace Academy, you are helping to shape future African leaders, serving missionary families, and witnessing to students and families who are not followers of Jesus. The Senior School (High School) Principal oversees grades 9 to 12 and a 15+ member teaching staff, including administrative support staff.
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