Featured Five: Opportunities #2

Is a teaching certificate required to serve with TeachBeyond?
This is a great question that we get asked often by those exploring TeachBeyond. Though the majority of our teaching positions do require applicants to be certified, there are still plenty of opportunities available for those that lack certification. To learn more about these types of openings as well as how we can facilitate certification, we’d encourage you to read this post from TeachBeyond Mobilizer Heather Brown.

There are opportunities with TeachBeyond for people from various work and education backgrounds. Below are some job openings where teacher certification would not necessarily be required. To browse all of our openings, go to the Opportunity Board on our website.

English Language Teacher

Various Cities
Czech Republic

Public high schools have a need for native English speakers to teach conversational English. Most teachers are able to meet with their students outside of class by hosting English clubs. It is a great way to build relationships with students and show Christ’s love as you live out your daily life.
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Youth Pastor

Santa Cruz Christian Learning Center (SCCLC)
Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Although Christian schools are obviously invested in the spiritual development of their student body, SCCLC maintains a parallel and overlapping youth ministry. The Youth Pastor is responsible for the spiritual well-being and growth of our secondary students, including camps, retreats and weekly chapels, and also carries out ministry to youth outside of SCCLC.
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High School Social Studies

GDQ International Christian School
Tirana, Albania

GDQ International Christian School has an opening for a high school social studies teacher. Courses for the 2017-2018 school year include IGCSE geography, IGCSE world history, economics, and American government. Join us in making a difference in Albania and in the lives of our missionary and international students.
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English Camp Volunteers

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

We need an entire team of six to 10 volunteers to travel to Brazil from July 22 to 29. This is a new English camp in Rio. We prefer that the volunteers come from one church so all members can train and bond together — though we may be able to combine multiple smaller teams. The fee is $850 plus airfare and visa.
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Secondary Science Teacher

Chiang Rai International Christian School (CRICS)
Chiang Rai, Thailand

This position includes grade 7 and 8 science classes and possibly other secondary science classes. CRICS serves the children of pastors, missionaries, educators, and social welfare workers of non-profit businesses or agencies in the Chiang Rai area.
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