Student Learns How God Transforms People

Eloge is one of the new students enrolled in FATEB Kinshasa Academy (FKA) this 2016-17 school year. He is registered at CP1 (first grade) and is flourishing in the school.

Upon arriving for the first day of the school year, the staff noticed that Eloge did not drop his backpack before going into his classroom. Hertier Fima, director of FKA, was very curious about why he carried his bag with him everywhere. When he asked him what was going on, Eloge replied, “I will never put down my backpack because another student may steal all that is in my bag.”

Eloge continued, “Where I went to school before coming to FKA, other students had a habit of taking anything that belonged in the bags of others. That’s why I’m afraid to drop my bag.”

Hertier realized that the child had already developed a lack of trust in others at 6 years. He and Eloge’s teacher had a conversation with the new student about how Jesus can change a person and make him trustworthy, and that is what happens at FKA. Eloge began to understand that he could drop his bag and no one would take his things without asking. Then they had a prayer time with the child.

On leaving school, Eloge came running into the principal’s office saying, “Mr. Fima, here’s my bag. I spent all the time to observing my classmates and no one opened my bag! All my belongings were still there! I am glad to study and stay in a school where classmates do not steal.”

FKA staff are happy that their new student can now feel comfortable about being in this school where students are being transformed as they follow Jesus, live their Christian values ​​and bear witness to their faith in Jesus Christ.