Research Would Support TeachBeyond’s Vision

By Harold Klassen, Transformational Educational Consultant

Twelve people from four countries – and one online – met at the TeachBeyond Global Centre in the town of Horsham, England (pictured above), from October 24 to 26 to discuss the possibility of establishing a research centre to explore transformational teaching and learning.


TeachBeyond President George Durance leads discussion at the Global Centre in Horsham.

There was complete agreement that it would be very helpful to have such a centre to define, develop, and promote the kind of holistic transformational education that TeachBeyond is seeking to offer. Transformational education is a popular concept among educators, but Christ-centered, Bible-based, and Spirit-empowered are not usually part of their definition. The attendees proposed that the Centre for the Advancement of Transformational Education (CATE) be established – although details such as its location and leadership still need to be determined.

  • Some projects that this centre could pursue include:
  • creating a database of what the Church is doing to prepare new generations of children and young people
  • networking people and organizations through forums and conferences
  • sponsoring research into what has been and should be done in the future
  • publishing transformational education resources of all kinds
  • resourcing practitioners


More information will be available soon about how CATE can help deepen the impact of transformational education among TeachBeyond members and in the global Body of Christ.