Prepping For English Camps

“My life is a greater adventure because I follow Him and am in mission with these dear people from around the world,” Terry Schmidt wrote on Facebook about a mini-conference for TeachBeyond English camp supervisor training and curriculum development.

“We are sharing English camp stories, encouraging one another, training to be better teachers, and making plans. What an amazing time with our TeachBeyond family in North Carolina! What incredible hospitality from [Larry and Sue Schmidt], the Rawls Baptist Church, and our billet families!”

Schmidt and other English Camp supervisors, and those interested in becoming supervisors, met near Raleigh, North Carolina, to prepare for the 2017 camping season, which will include more camps and more teams.

Diane Kraines, director of TeachBeyond’s Informal Education, reported, “In 2016, TeachBeyond trained 70 short-term staff from North America who served alongside about 100 local volunteers, providing English camps for more than 400 campers. TeachBeyond camps were held in six countries, with additional camps held by partners in Colombia, France, and Central Asia. We also conducted new English language “intensives” in Manila, Philippines, and Basilia, Brazil, to prepare students for attending schools in English.”

Churches are welcome to send whole teams to conduct a camp. You can see where 2017 camps will be held and volunteer to serve next summer by clicking here.