Pray For Peace In The DRC

“They want reform. They want change. They need jobs, education and so on.  It’s very basic living issues that are driving the unrest,”  said TeachBeyond President George Durance about the rioting in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Civil unrest began in early October when DRC President Joseph Kabila postponed elections for two years.

George was interviewed on Mission Network News a few days after returning from Africa where he was meeting with our partners. He was in the Central African Republic, planning to visit FATEB Kinshasa Academy in the DRC next, when the State Department issued a travel advisory for the DRC due to the rioting. He had to cut short his trip. Click here to read more about this story on the Mission Network News website.

Click here to listen to an extended, 15-minute interview about the situation in Africa.

God continues to work through Christians in the country, George observed. “These are really exciting days for the evangelical Church in the DRC. There is growth now in depth and we’re seeing wonderful leaders emerge and new health and vitality in the Church, so we don’t become discouraged when we see this upset, but we really call on our people to pray for those who are there, the brothers and sisters who are there, because we don’t want the Evil One to put a damper on the great things God is doing.”