English Camp Transforms Lives

Members of the Eurasia English camp staff are ready to meet campers in the photo above.

It’s thrilling to watch God transform lives during a TeachBeyond English camp. A team from First Alliance Church in Calgary had that experience this summer in a Eurasian city. They partnered with a local church for the largest camp we’ve had in this city with 70 participants, 11 Canadians, 10 people from our local team, plus five Bible study leaders. Half the campers were not yet followers of Jesus.

Here’s a report from the national leader:

“The theme of the camp was ‘Timeline 8340’ and was all about time. God gave campers 8340 minutes during this camp to learn how to spent time wisely, to learn about God, and learn how He can transform their future. Through the program of Bible study, evening messages, activities, and games we tried to show God’s love and mercy to campers.

When they arrived, we saw their suspicious attitudes towards us. During the week we could see how their faces changed. They started to shine! God transformed them!

People who were afraid to go to church said they wanted to attend. Those who did not understand the importance of belonging to a church found the value of Christian community. Those who had lots questions about God finally found the right place and people to ask.

Many campers said they had never seen so many happy families as they saw on our team. They said that the team relationships and love among us made them want find out what unites us. It is Jesus!

There was a 16-year-old guy whose parents had divorced. During this camp he called his father and said, ‘They taught me to forgive and I forgive you!’

This camp was wonderful, and I am sure God will continue to work and we will see fruit.”

Do you want to participate in a life-transforming English camp next summer? Click on this link to learn how.