Summer Camps a Success

We had another great season of English Camps and Outdoor Adventure Camps in Europe, Eurasia, Asia, and South America. We are still collecting reports, but here is a quick overview and a few pictures of some of our camps.

Germany: English Camp and Outdoor Adventure Camps

One staff person at the Kandern English Camp (pictured) said, “Being able to go on a short term mission to Kandern, Germany and work at an English Camp where 52 teenagers came to learn not only English but to learn about Jesus was a life changing experience for me. Once serving on a mission trip you simply cannot return home unchanged. I feel a sense of direction I lacked prior to this trip. Thank you for making this experience possible.”

Portugal, Moldova, and Eurasia: English Camps


At the camp in Portugal (pictured), seven of the campers came to Christ. In Moldova, there were 100 campers in attendance. Many former campers are now serving as staff at this camp as well. The camp in Eurasia was a partnership between Creekside Church and a Eurasian church together. One local leader summed it up: “The camp was wonderful! We saw how God changed minds, hearts, relationships; how Christians became more mature and stronger in Christ, and how leaders could unite–from strangers to a group of friends in six days! We praise Him for His Holy Spirit in the camp!”

The Philippines: English Camp and Intensive

The English Camp in Manila was for children from disadvantaged backgrounds. The campers had a great time! The four-week English intensive was a new project this year. “The best thing is to realize how much camp impacts kids, and they usually remember the things they learned all of their lives,” said the English intensive leader.

Colombia, France, and Central Asia
Camps were run in partnership with other groups in St. Louis, France, Medellin, Colombia, and in Central Asia–where they prayed for 20 children and had 27 attend.

If spending some time helping at an English Camp sounds intriguing to you, check out the possibilities coming up in 2017: TeachBeyond English Camps

— Diane Kraines, Informal Education Services
Pictures taken by English Camp staff