Education Critical To Future Of Refugee Kids

In an interview with Mission Network News, TeachBeyond member Harold Klassen says while education is always vitally important, it is critical for children seeking asylum. A UNHCR report found that half of refugee children have no access to schools. Harold coordinated TeachBeyond’s Beyond Borders project focusing on bringing educational services to refugees in various parts of the world.

“Many of the refugees have already developed skills, but others are coming with very minimal education, so they need to have the kinds of skills that can be useful where they’re going and that will involve both adult and child education.”

“Education is based on an understanding of who people are: made in God’s image, creative people with responsibilities and opportunities, designed to be stewards of God’s world,” Harold says. “Communicating those kinds of concepts in practical ways can be very helpful to people who have a different worldview, who see themselves more as pawns in the hands of a God that controls everything and they have very little to contribute. So you can be communicating a Christian, biblical worldview a long time in action maybe before you can do it in words.”

Read the interview at this link and listen to the podcast. Harold’s part of the podcast begins at 2:00.