Reproducible Model of Education for Africa

A reproducible model for transformational education is developing in central Africa with assistance from TeachBeyond consultants.

TeachBeyond is partnering with FATEB, the French acronym for Bangui Evangelical School of Theology, to start an elementary school in Central African Republic in January 2017. It will be the second FATEB school, called FATEB Academy Bangui (FAB). The first one TeachBeyond helped start is FATEB Kinshasa Academy (FKA) in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

A TeachBeyond team recently traveled to Bangui to consult with local educators and help interview teachers for the new school.

(In the photo above, prospective teachers are writing an essay during the three-day interview process, overseen by Emily Kelly and Andrea Craddock.)

Andrea Craddock, one of the team members, said the people at FATEB are extremely passionate about providing a quality education to children. The theological school will be making a big investment to develop a model school for transformational education, she noted.

Helen Vaughan, director of school services and another team member, said, “We hope to influence education in the country towards spirit-inspired transformation of lives, improved pedagogy to nurture student engagement in thinking and doing, internalized personal responsibility for behavior and learning, and a full understanding of living all of life under God.”

Under TeachBeyond’s holistic philosophy of education, “there will be Bible lessons, prayer, and scripture memory, but our goal is to authentically demonstrate God’s love, beauty, and truth in every aspect of the school,” Helen explained.

The movement toward transformational education will begin with educating teachers in classroom management, teaching methods, and life modelling based on a Christian worldview. Class sizes will be significantly smaller and the classroom set up for developmentally appropriate learning activities.

FKA had a successful first year with a Kindergarten class and is adding first grade in the new school year. Continuing education for teachers is planned this month at FKA, and new teachers in Bangui are invited.

Pray for the start-up school in Bangui and for FKA as it opens its new first grade.

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Teacher candidates work in small groups to assemble simple puzzles as one of the many activities applicants completed during the interview process. The purpose was to see how they solve problems and work with others. Most of them had limited to no experience with assembling puzzles.


The front of the building FATEB has purchased to serve as the home of the new school. It is just a few minutes car ride from the FATEB campus.


This is a photo taken while walking between meetings on the FATEB campus. The campus is quite lush!

FA Bangui hillside

This “Hollywood” style sign is visible for about a mile once you get past the taller buildings of downtown Bangui.