Specially Selected for This Position

Glorimar Quinones was Googling for teaching jobs where she could show Christ more directly to her students when she came upon the TeachBeyond website. Soon, this new member will be heading to Mexico to teach at Bridgeway North American School.

“I sent an inquiry saying I had experience teaching middle school and I received a reply the next day saying there were opportunities in Mexico and Spain,” she said. “Because I’m Puerto Rican and many of my students in the public school were Mexican, I’m very familiar with the language and the culture. The opportunity to teach in Mexico stood out.”

Glorimar appreciated the quick response and specific information about TeachBeyond’s needs that fit her background. It gave her confidence in the organization and she applied for the position.

Having served through Teach for America, Glorimar knows the importance of being flexible and trusting without knowing the outcome. She experiences similar situations with support raising and finding housing in Mexico City, where Bridgeway North American School is located. “The difference with TeachBeyond is that I am encouraged to depend on Jesus for this move and not an organization,” she said.

Making the decision to transition from a public school job to trusting Jesus for everything can be challenging. That’s why Glorimar is willing to talk with teachers considering a position with TeachBeyond and share her experience of committing to God’s will for a teaching job and raising financial support. She can be contacted at gquinones@dev.teachbeyond.org.

Find teaching opportunities that match your experience and God’s leading at go.dev.teachbeyond.org.