BridgeWay School Opening Delayed

The opening of BridgeWay North American School in Mexico City has been delayed by zoning issues. TeachBeyondMexico renovated the building to create an attractive facility and recruited a director and teachers. However, BridgeWay cannot open without the proper zoning paperwork that allows a school to operate in this building. The property owners promised the documents would be ready months ago but they have not fulfilled their obligations.

David Brownrigg, the school director, will remain in Mexico City this year to follow through on the zoning issue and search for a new school building in case this issue of zoning is not resolved. Two TeachBeyond members recruited for BridgeWay have been reallocated to fill openings at El Camino Academy in Colombia. A third TeachBeyond member is heading for Asia. We trust this is God’s timing for these three teachers as they will be able to gain cross-cultural experience in established schools before returning to assist in the opening the new BridgeWay North American School.

Most of the Mexican staff who were expecting to open BridgeWay have found other positions and parents have been notified.

Pray for wisdom. Pray for the landlords of the school building and their representative. Pray that truth would shine over everything. Pray that every decision we make, every step ahead, would honor and glorify the Lord. Pray also for our finances; it has been our desire to be wise financial stewards, but we have pretty much exhausted our start-up funds. Anything worthwhile is hard – ministry in Mexico City is difficult – but we are still fully passionate for this ministry; please pray that God would refill the financial tanks, that He would multiply the crumbs we have left over!

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