Conference Explores Transformation

What is “transformational education”? That question was explored at the Transformational Education Conference conducted by TeachBeyond at Faith Academy in the Philippines. TeachBeyond members from Asia and a few other regions gathered in June for fellowship and to dig deeper into the concept of transformation.

The conference attendees spent time discussing how to practically and faithfully live out our mission as agents of Holy Spirit-driven change in our various educational contexts.

A highlight of the week was the sweet times of worshiping together, sometimes in English and sometimes in the other languages represented.

Members were there to build and deepen relationships, to challenge our own cultural mores and hold them up to the light of Scripture, and to deepen our understanding of how to integrate our faith into all that we do, both personally and professionally.

As one conference participant put it, “We were blessed by the divine presence.”

The TEC conference will be held again in the summer of 2017, this time likely in Europe or Western Asia. Now is the time to start making plans to attend this amazing conference.

– Becky Hunsberger, Teacher Education Services