English Opens Doors for Transformational Education

English. It is the lingua franca of the Internet, business, travel, and science. It is also a key component of TeachBeyond’s strategy of transformational education. Native English speakers are in demand in many countries.

As one of our members observes, “My teammates and I have had the opportunity to build relationships with high-schoolers and college students through our weekly English club.” Through these relationships, these students can hear the gospel and be transformed through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Teach ESL

TeachBeyond’s Teach ESL program, directed by Jessica Weaver, began in 2014 with the integration of TeachOverseas and TeachBeyond. The program, part of TeachBeyond School Services, places ESL teachers in national schools (elementary, middle, and high school) in the Czech Republic and Hungary. There are also a few openings in universities and private language schools.

Applicants can choose short-term (e.g., summer teaching) or long-term (e.g., academic year and longer) service. Additional ministry opportunities include weekly English clubs. There are plans to branch out, especially in Asia.

English Camps and Centers

Diane Kraines directs Language Services within TeachBeyond’s Educational Services department. This encompasses English Camps and English as a Foreign Language Centers. English camps are a long-time ministry going back to the early days of Janz Team. There will be about 14 camps next summer, or winter in the case of Brazil.

Other ministries of Language Services include two- to four-week intensive classes in Brazil, the Philippines and Moldova, coaching for national English teachers by native English speakers, and a “Baby English Class” in Eurasia. This club, in partnership with TeachBeyond, is offered to children ages 3 to 7 and is an immersion English program. The teachers model transformation through Christian values, prayer, Bible reading, celebrating Christian holidays, and an atmosphere of love and acceptance. Most of the families are not believers, and the parents really enjoy the class. The TeachBeyond members plan to expand to a kindergarten and elementary school and will go up to age 10.

Are you interested in serving in an English camp, an English language club, language center, or summer EFL program? Click here to inquire about openings.