Renovating Dorm for Refugees

TeachBeyond will accommodate refugees arriving in Germany from the Middle East in Haus Blauen, an empty Black Forest Academy dorm, after it has been renovated.

We are collecting funds to pay for the renovation. You can give here –

An architect is working on the renovation of Blauen for fire protection and fire escape routes. The dorm will be able to house about 20 refugees, according to Black Forest Academy’s business manager, Markus Becker. TeachBeyond staff members Natalie Rudolph and Susanne Seywald will spend three days a week assisting the refugees, Becker said.

More than 200 residents of the combined towns of Malsburg and Marzell recently attended an informational meeting. The mood in the crowded Marzell town hall was marked by skepticism, but also of helpfulness. “There is a legal obligation to accept refugees,” Mayor Gerd Schweinlin explained. In 2014, Marzell accepted three Chinese women who are refugees, housing them in a city-owned apartment. This year the town must accept five more.

Mayor Schweinlin encouraged local residents to reach out to the refugees and to volunteer. He wants have a list in the town hall where people can sign up to provide driving services, German lessons and other assistance.

Pastor Susanne Rosskopf offered the help of the local church, and others are willing to open a café where local residents can meet the refugees and get to know them.