Looking Back on Summer English Camps

Sharing the Love of Jesus

We had a great summer for TeachBeyond English Camps. Between mid-June and the end of August, 2015 we had camps in Eurasia, Germany, Moldova, the Philippines, Portugal, and Switzerland. We shared the love of Jesus with hundreds of young people while teaching them English. Over 100 staff from North America served alongside local staff to provide campers with a variety of games, activities, lessons and discussions. We have so many things for which we are thankful, especially for the many lives deeply impacted by the truth of the Gospel and for all of our North American and local staff and national camp leaders. They gave selflessly to serve at one (or two) of our many camps this past year. Pray with us for effective follow-up of those new to the faith after camps.

For a more detailed report, read the Fall 2015 Beyond Words.

–Diane Kraines, Director of Language Services