Opening Soon! A New School for Transformational Education

FATEB Kinshasa Academy in the Democratic Republic of Congo opens on September 7, 2015 to the glory of God. FATEB, which stands for Faculté de Théologie Évangélique de Bangui, is a seminary in Central African Republic. FATEB Kinshasa Academy is TeachBeyond’s newest startup school, developed in cooperation with FATEB. TeachBeyonders Tammy Peters and Christy Ware have made many trips to Kinshasa to assist teachers, administrators, and board members with establishing the new school. They recently returned from Kinshasa and Tammy wrote these observations:

  • TIME OF WORSHIP: We stared the day with our school team with a time of prayer and worship. Wow! You should have heard them sing! BEAUTIFUL!! Christy and I were both in tears. Christy’s throat, which had been hurting that morning, didn’t hurt any longer.
  • TEACHABLE SPIRITS: We so enjoyed our time of training with our teachers this morning. Seeing how they were taking it all in, laughing with each other, and asking important questions—in addition to their desire to learn—was more than we anticipated.
  • SHARING: I also had the opportunity to afternoon to talk and share our vision in front of a crowd of 400 people during a big Christian conference here in [Kinshasa]. I was told it went well and was great advertisement for us.
  • BEAUTIFUL PILLOWS: We ended our day with a delivery at the school of 30 bright African fabric pillows of all sizes made for the “comfy corner” in the classroom. Looking at them in our “not quite ready” classroom reminded me of each Congolese child who will be attending this school. Each will be different, with different personalities, different strengths and weaknesses. But like the pillows, they bring joy to our hearts!

#Pray for the teachers and students on FATEB Kinshasa Academy’s opening day.