New Developments in Eurasia

Interview with Nigel S.

NigelIn the March News from Beyond Diane K reported on the Eurasia Regional Council Retreat from the aspect of English Camps and school start-ups. This month Nigel tells us more about this pivotal, groundbreaking event for TeachBeyond Eurasia, held March 12-15, 2013.

Q. What did you hope to accomplish by getting together?
NS: We wanted to build vision and introduce board members from Moldova and Belarus and leaders of TeachBeyond in Eurasia to key TeachBeyond leaders in the Language Services, New School startups, and Teacher Education divisions. We also wanted to build momentum and define the roles of TB Moldova and Belarus in the future development of TB Eurasia.
Q. What significant things came from the time together?

NS: We sensed clearly the guidance of God as we heard reports from Moldova and Belarus. Some of the highlights include:

  • Our camps ministry is strong, growing, and will soon be expanding into the Balkan area.
  • Through our partnership with the College of Theology and Education in Moldova, new opportunities are opening in Central Asia.
  • Helen S. introduced a new approach to children’s ministry, “Godly Play,” which was greeted with great enthusiasm.
  • A side meeting with LinGo (ESL ministry/camps) directors from both Belarus and Moldova was greatly appreciated and newly-developed manuals designed to help the camps ministry were presented to them by David L.
  • Tammy P. and a group of teachers and parents from some local churches brainstormed about the founding of a new school by 2015. This was very exciting, as a core group has begun to emerge which can carry this project forwards to fulfillment.
  • Ion P., TeachBeyond national director from Moldova, is also president of the Moldovan TaeKwonDo Federation and a world champion 6th Dan Blackbelt. The federation is run as a Christian ministry and has proven over 20 years to be a highly effective means of reaching young people and families in Moldova. Ion met with leaders of youth ministries in the city where we were meeting to plan an outreach using TaeKwonDo demonstrations later this year.

Q. What were some unexpected outcomes of the retreat?
NS: The weather hindered arrivals and departures. The first morning’s meeting was attended only by board members and leaders from Eurasia, plus George D. What a wonderful opportunity for these dear friends to spend time getting to know each other without the presence of a large delegation. The delayed departures due to the worst blizzard in 25 years meant that the five-man delegation from Moldova and five from TeachBeyond spent many hours bonding together at the airport. Who knows what might come from these unplanned events?

Q. What else do you want to add?
NS: This was an historic meeting – the first time TeachBeyond Eurasia leadership had ever met in one place to pray, strategize, and dream together with key personnel from TeachBeyond’s worldwide family.