English Camps

English language skills are highly sought after in many parts of the world. Working together with a national host, TeachBeyond provides English language learning opportunities taught by native English speakers. Typically, TeachBeyond has provided these services in summer camp settings. National hosts provide follow-up and discipleship.

Some of the most exciting developments are in countries closed to the gospel. All language services are provided with the understanding that the learning of English is part of a broader educational agenda which includes a spiritual and moral-ethical dimension.

We strongly encourage a full team of 5-10 individuals from one church or organization in North America or the UK to work alongside our partners. As an individual, we will add you to an already formed team heading to your country of interest. All cost are approximate at this time, exact costs will be given in December.

English Camps allow you to:

  • speak your own language
  • build very strong inter-personal relationships
  • use your own unique gifts
  • allow the love of Christ to be shared in word and deed over a period of 10-14 days.

Use the Inquiry form below to find out about opportunities to get involved in Partner English Camps! If you have any questions you can email us directly at: ecamps@teachbeyond.org